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Friday, April 2nd 2010

5:10 PM

Too Quick

Gosh! I can't believe it Friday is almost over and I'm back to work tomorrow though I really don't have so much of a choice because I really need to work for my future. Actually I love working but there are times that I don't get enough rest and all I want to do is sleep and rest. Especially during the time that that I have to work 7 days straight. Though the advantage of working all the time is I get paid more, but dang1 do we really have to stress ourselves too much? well that only depends on me. If I just dont have a monthly tuition fee I will not be working during weekends. I just hope and do my best to finish my dental assisting so that I can find a better and a good paying job compared to the job I have now. Though I am still very lucky and thankful that I have this job, especially with the economy now a days...gosh its hard to find a job and I know how many people out there that is jobless. So I should stop complaining lol!  
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Thursday, April 1st 2010

3:52 PM

Dive into the depths of darkness in an elevator

Dive into the depths of darkness in an elevator
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Thursday, April 1st 2010

3:48 PM

Just find out

that this blog is now having a pr..so here I am even though I'm having a headache and I just got home from work i still sit down here and update this blog a little. So anyway, I am very happy that I finally solve the problem of my computer and I am glad also that I don't need to spend any dime because it's my step brother who fix the problem of my computer for free.
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Sunday, November 30th 2008

9:30 AM

He is so secretive

Yes, my husband is really a secretive person. The other night when I was about to go to bed I kissed him good night. He suddenly complained about his elbow. Thats when I found out that he has something on his elbow that looks puffed up, but he just said it was nothing. But it doesn't look nothing to me and that really makes me worry. When I ask him why he didn't tell me about it he just wrinkled his forehead and told me don't think too much about it. I don't know why he always hide things to me when it comes to his health. I keep telling him that she shouldn't hide it from me because I'm his wife. Sometimes it makes me upset because he makes me feel that I am useless and can't do anything about it. But I know that he is just hiding things from me because he don't want me to worry, but still I need to know what he feels.

Now we will just have to wait on Thursday for his next Doctor's appointment so that we will find out what happen to his elbow. I  just hope that is really nothing.
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Sunday, November 30th 2008

9:29 AM

Nikon Black Friday Ultimate Hunter's Package Deal

Look what I found today! Its another fabulous black Friday offer. This is especially designed for hunters and sportsman. Now since they are offering a Nikon Ultimate Hunter's Package Promo I don’t want to miss this opportunity to get my brother in-law a nice Christmas gift. Since he loves the outdoors I know that I will not go wrong buy getting him this ProStaff 3-9x40 Riflescope with BDC Reticle. For sure he will really enjoy receiving this gift under the Christmas tree. So guys if you are an outdoor person then you don’t need to miss this opportunity to avail their great hunting equipment and save money at the same time
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Sunday, November 30th 2008

9:27 AM

So Be It

I keep telling my self that I am going to forget this blog, since I have 4 domains and 2 sub domains to take care of. But since this blog got a pr of 2 I can’t just let the opportunity slip away.  I am doing the best I can to update here more often. But the hardest part for me is I don’t have thing to write especially I am being busy busyhan now with my blog layout. I just can’t keep up with all my blogs, but the thing is this blog is still helping me to earn more mullah, so be it.

The is why I am really trying hard to find a way and be able to write something here. That’s why here I am right now writing this entry. So I guess this will do for now.

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Thursday, November 13th 2008

4:30 PM

Gourmet Nuts

The family of my husband always likes to gather together for the holidays. So My husband and I were sitting around trying to think of some great gifts to get for our relatives. Something that wouldn’t be too expensive but it would be a nice gifts. So we came to a decision that we would get some gourmet nuts for everybody because we know that we all like them, especially when we gather together for the holidays and we all love to munch on them while we are watching TV and chatting with each other. I am thankful that I found the nutsonthenet.com because they have the best tasting nuts and so many different variety of the top selling gourmet nuts. One of the best thing about the nutsonthenet.com is that I can place my order and receive it with in two days with out any hassle. I can tell that they always offer good satisfaction for their costumers. So this only means to me that their order’s are fully guarantee. So now all I have to do is place my order and sit back and relax till it comes in with no worries. So guys if you love gourmet nuts like we do then why not visit their website and check out their great selections.
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Thursday, November 13th 2008

4:19 PM

Missing my brother

Today is my brother's birthday. I was going to make a post about it last night before I went to bed, but I got too busy and suddenly forget it. My brother is feeling pity for himself this past few days and I tried to comfort him while we were chatting. I understand what he feels and I am very sad about it because we are thousands of miles away. I am very close to my brother ever since thats why he always runs to me for comfort. I am just glad that even though I am not there for him our closeness to each other never change. I really miss him a lot and I know that he felt the same way too. I am just hoping and praying that one day I can save enough money and be able to visit him in the Philippines. For sure he would be happy seeing his big sister again.
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Thursday, November 6th 2008

10:31 AM

Almost done with my Christmas shopping

I am the type of person that waits untill the last minute to shop for to do my Christmas shopping and I find it very stressful. So I was thinking why should I wait if I can do it early and get it out of the way.

Well, I’m happy to know that I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping, now I can take it easy, but before that I have to look for my husband a 5.11 Tactical Flashlight cause I believe that this is the most important gift that he would likes to have. Good thing that the lapolicegear.com is always to the rescue for all types of gear.
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Thursday, November 6th 2008

10:26 AM

I'm so weak

I thought I can do my entrecard dropping today with a clear mind. I was glad that I finished all my errands yesterday. But I was wrong because I am not in the good mood to do ec dropping today since I only had two hours of sleep last night. Insomnia strike again eh! and I really hate it cause I don't like to deal with it all the time. Its so very stressful and makes me really weak during the day. I just hope that I can get over it soon
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